Van Hire Spain – The Cost Of Hiring A Vehicle To Move Yourself

Are you considering van hire Spain services? A lot of people elect to hire a vehicle and take care of moving themselves, as they feel it is going to be a lot cheaper. However, this is rather deceiving, and the cost benefits aren’t always what they seem. Read on to discover more.

It is easy to assume that hiring a van and dealing with moving furniture to Spain is the cheapest approach. After all, surely hiring a van is cheaper than paying for a complete removal service? Actually, you would be surprised! Hiring the van is just one of the many costs you will face when it comes to removals to Spain. You also have the running costs that are associated with driving a van between the UK and Spain. This can be around £1500. Not to mention, you will probably have to take some time off work, which could lead to money lost in the process. Moreover, if you decide to take the tunnel or the ferry, you will have the costs associated with this. Driving through France can take a very long time, and so you will need to look at paying for hotels during your journey. And, that’s not all! How much fuel will you need? Calais to Murcia is 1217 miles! You will face toll charges along the way too, for which you will need to allow a minimum of £100. What about insurance for your belongings? As you can see, the costs quickly mount up. Plus, this is only the financial side. Have you considered the sheer hassle you will face? You also have legalities to bear in mind, as well as logistics.

All things considered, while van hire Spain may seem a good option on the surface, it can be a lot more expensive and troublesome than people realise. Make sure you consider everything that is entailed before you go ahead. Most people would agree that using the services of a removal firm is the safest and most convenient approach, and often the cheapest too!

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