Removals To Spain From UK – Why Have So Many Brits Fallen In Love With Spain?

Removals to Spain from UK have soared over the past few years; so much so that Spain is now home to one of the biggest British-born populations outside of the UK. BBC statistics reveal that there are more than 761,000 British residents living in Spain. So, what is it about Spain that us Brits love so much?

You may think this is a stupid question; after all, the weather is gorgeous, and the beaches are to die for. However, there are a lot of countries with beaches and a nice climate. What else is drawing people in? One reason for removals to Spain is to live a healthier lifestyle. The World Health Organisation has stated that Spain boasts as ‘near perfect environment’ as can be achieved. You will also benefit from excellent medical treatment, with a lot of new hospitals. Waiting times are much, much better than the UK. Aside from this, cost of living is better than the UK. It is estimated that property running costs in Spain are up to 40 per cent less than in the United Kingdom. Food and heating, in particular, are considerably cheaper. Another reason why more people are investing in Spain removals is because they want to benefit from a better standard of living. Aside from the fabulous weather, you will enjoy a better social life, more activities to enjoy, and lower crime rate. Access is easy in Spain as well, with numerous established international airports. It is also well known that property values in the Murcia region are still undervalued, representing a good investment option. And, of course, the Spanish people are lovely and welcoming too.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about Spain, and thus it is of little surprise that removals to Spain from UK are increasing. Will you be next? Arranging a professional removal service can make the whole process a lot smoother.

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