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Moving to Menorca from the UK
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Moving to Menorca from the UK in 2024

Moving to Menorca from the UK can be an exciting venture, and careful planning is essential for a smooth transition. Here are some key considerations for your move to Menorca in 2024: 1. Residency and Legal Requirements: 2. Housing Search: 3. Healthcare: 4. Schooling: 5. Language: 6. Finances: 7. Utilities and Services: 8. Transportation: 9. […]

Removals to Menorca in 2021
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Removals to Menorca in 2024

If you are thinking of moving to Menorca in 2024 then Advance moves international removals can assist you with just about every aspect of Removals to Menorca. Advance moves has its operational base in Murcia, Spain but with a series of agents and partners throughout the rest of Europe and the Balearic islands, they can

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