Removals to Valencia and Moving to Valencia 2020

The region and city of Valencia are a great place to live and many expats are attracted to the area to work, live and retire due to the year round good weather, laid back lifestyle reasonable costs of living. So to make your move to Valencia its a good idea to check out the Removals to Valencia and moving to Valencia information page produced and updated by the guys at Advance moves International removals.

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Moving to Valencia after Brexit and the Corona Virus Outbreak

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Removals to Valencia City

Anyone moving to Valencia will find themselves in a multicultural and welcoming city, Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city with a population of around 800,000 and it’s big enough to be considered a metropolis, yet small enough not to overwhelm new arrivals. 

People living in Valencia enjoy the crowded terraces in the Canovas and Ruzafa neighborhoods, as well as the old city centre. Suburbs are very well connected with Valencia by public transport. These areas offer spacious villas, international schools, shopping centres and, above all, much cheaper rentals and house prices than the city centre which can be expensive.

Cost of living in Valencia

The cost of living in Valencia is lower than Madrid and Barcelona. Rental prices are not as high as in Madrid or Barcelona, but there are expensive pockets of the city, generally overlooking the central park (Riu Turia). The port is also a nice place to live, but rentals are not abundant because of the high demand due to the proximity of the universities. Valencia has its hot spots , but cheaper accommodation can always be found a little further out.

Moving to Valencia

Valencia has a large expat community, and continues to attract foreigners from the UK, America and all over really. The city is also a popular tourist destination and offers several interesting sites to explore, particularly in the city centre. The Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias is a futuristic multi-use building complex which you probably have seen pictures of as it towers above the water surrounding it. There are zoos, historical buildings, the old F1 track, The port and a great central parc winding its way through the centre rambler of the City. Its a great place to just stroll and take it all in, with bars, cafes and restaurants in abundance.

Eating in Valencia

Gastronomically, the region is home to Paella Valenciana, Spain’s most famous dish. These rice dishes are an important part of the Spanish culture. “Come to Valencia for the paella and stay for many other reasons” is a well-known tourist slogan used in advertising. Those other reasons are not hard to find, one in particular being the fantastic year round weather.

Living in Valencia

Valencia offers expats a relaxed lifestyle and many opportunities to keep fit in the natural beauty that surrounds the city. All three provinces in the Comunidad Valenciana offer many hiking, biking and climbing options. Expats will find that Valencia offers a high standard of healthcare with many top-class hospitals. The city is also home to numerous universities that offer quality education and create an interesting and open-minded atmosphere. Its a great place to Live.

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Valencia Province

The region of Valencia  covers the long strip of coast down the east of Spain. The Craggy Iberian mountains  are dotted with small towns and villages and  the sandy coastal planes such as the Costa Blanca and Costa del Azahar line the shores. Valencia faces the Balearic Islands and is equidistant from the country’s two major epicenters of Madrid and Barcelona. The major cities include the capitals Valencia City, Alicante and Castellón de la Plana. Residents generally speak both Spanish and Valenciano. The airports of Valencia and Alicante are both busy but well serviced.  Commuting to the major towns and cities is pretty easy, between the rail, metro and tram networks, and well-maintained highway and beltway roads.

Northern area
The north coast of Valencia, the shoreline which is closest to the capital, has become a large expanse of sand, where apartment buildings and service infrastructure have been built, sharing the landscape with farmsteads and large market gardens.

Southern area
Situated to the south of the capital, separated from the waters of the Mediterranean by a chain of dunes and pine groves lies the lake of La Albufera. The lake was formed in the distant past by the deposit of sediment from the Rivers Turia and Jucar, which hemmed in this small inland fresh water sea.

The province of Valencia has an enviably mild climate, which makes it ideal as an all year round destination, boasting nearly 2,700 hours of sunshine; hot summers and mild winters are interspersed with stormy autumn and spring months.  Due to the year-round heat, an average working day runs from 10 am to 8 pm with a siesta break. Expect services like post offices, shops and banks to follow suit. Schools typically run between 9am and 5pm with a long break for lunch.

The beaches in Valencia are very high-quality, situated to the north of the port of Valencia; they provide excellent facilities and water sports equipment is also available to hire. For a more exotic beach frequented by the beautiful people try Malvarrosa Beach in Levante.

Pineda Beach to the south of Valencia has access for the disabled and basic services for public use.

Saler Beach stretches over six kilometres  and is close to Valencia’s La Albufera Natural Park.

Devesa Beach is an isolated beach, but you will find  a range of services available and is set right in the heart of Valencias La Albufera Natural Park.

El Recati Beach in Perellonet, is a  long sandy beach surrounded by residential properties.

La Safor region
The region of La Safor is an attractive area with a history of its own. It nestles in a natural environment,  with high mountains, which form the ranges of Mustalla, Safor, Grossa and Aguilles, blending into a natural circle of pinnacles and woodland, while below you will find a coastal corridor of market gardens and beaches. a perfect location for removals to Valencia.

Shopping in Valencia
The region is famous  for its ceramics and visitors will find a wide range of qualities and sizes, with town of Manises as the undisputed traditional centre of production.

Tavernes Blanques is the home of local porcelain production, home to the firm Lladró, which exports all over the world. To earthenware and pottery must be added the craft of vegetable fibre, which is applied to furniture and household decoration. Fine examples can be seen in the towns of Vallada, Montesa, Navarrés and L´Olleria.

L´Olleria and Llosa de Ranes craft handmade glassware and woodcraft and a thriving furniture industry can be found at Alboraya, Xirivella and Torrent. In Sagunto the specialty is handicraft in cork.

The towns of Aldaida, Alacuas, Godella and Valencia show fine craftsmanship in fan making, going from the simplest designs to the most sophisticated fans available in Spain, made with mother of pearl, all patiently crafted by hand.

If you are keen to buy typical local produce, then the wide variety of sausages, confectionery, rice and citrus fruits and all typical local specialities. The visitor should also try the delicious red and white wines with denominations from the province of Valencia.

Las Fallas is the traditional feast of Saint Joseph, when between the 12th and 19th of March . All day and night crowds of locals and foreigners fill the streets and the sounds of exploding firecrackers and fireworks fill the air, with  the people of Valencia take to the streets with towering sculptured statues that have been a year in the making. The end of Las Fallas marks the beginning of Spring.

Cuisine, The most  typical Valencian dish and the most famous dish from Spain is The Valencian paella, made with rice, chicken, rabbit and vegetables.  Each village has its own variation and preferences, each using different ingredients, fresh and local to the area.

In the region of La Safor, Fideau is made, a type of seafood paella, made with noodles instead of the rice.

If you are meat lover, try a simple dish of lamb chops cooked over an open fire, or the wide variety of sausage that is typical of Valencia, such as longaniza , black pudding, and of course chorizo the spicey Spanish sausage.

As for drinks, a special mention must be made of Orgeat (Horchata), a refreshing drink made from earth almonds,  almost like a milkshake. and served chilled.  Natural orange juice mixed with cava (just like the Spanish version of Bucks Fizz) makes a typical drink known as Agua de Valencia.

The region also produces good quality wine, with the  Valencian landscape home to  over 75,000 hectares of vineyards. The main producers of wines are to be found in Requena, Utiel, Llíria, Villar del Arzobispo and Tuéjar. Quality cava is also made in Requena.


With  kilometres of coastline the Valencia region offers countless opportunities for leisure and sport. Lovers of nautical sports will find everything they need strategically placed all along the shoreline where, with the exception of Cullera, cliffs are rare.

The mountains are great for snowboarding or hiking, with two major European paths, the GR-7 and the GR-10, touring by bicycle, abseiling in the gullies, canoeing, horseback riding, gliding and paragliding. Motocross is a  popular sport with Valencia city home to the famous MotoGP™ and for the golfer there are many courses throughout the province; the magnificent El Saler Golf Course and the Oliva Nova Golf designed by Severiano Ballesteros are two highlights.

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