Moving to Slovakia from the UK

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Save money moving to Slovakia with Advance moves.

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Visas and residency when moving to Slovakia

Check the entry requirements for Slovakia in the UK government travel advice.

For how to apply for a visa to enter Slovakia, read IOM Migration Information Centre’s guidance on visas and residency and Slovak Embassy in London’s visa guidance for more information.

If you are resident in Slovakia, you must always carry and show both your valid passport (as a proof of identity) and your valid residence permit. Police officers may ask to see them.

Visas and residency if you were living in Slovakia before 1 January 2021

If you have lived in Slovakia since before 1 January 2021, you and your family members have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement.

If you have an EU residence card (Pobytovy Preukaz Obcana EU) it is no longer valid, regardless of its expiry date. You need a new residence document (Povolenie na pobyt) instead.

The Povolenie na pobyt shows that you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. It also shows your right to enter Slovakia, and exempts you from the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) and visa requirements.

The deadline for applying for the Povolenie na pobyt was 30 June 2021. You will not have to pay a fine if you apply after this date, but your non-EU family members may need to. Your rights and your non-EU family members’ rights under the Withdrawal Agreement will not be affected by a late application.

You should also read:

If you need additional support to obtain your residency document, contact your local Foreigners Police office.

If you have a Withdrawal Agreement residence card issued in 2020

If your Withdrawal Agreement residence card was issued in 2020, you should have received a letter from the Slovak Foreigners Police about updating it. Although your card remains valid, you should apply for the 2021 updated version of the Withdrawal Agreement residence card (Povolenie na pobyt). This 2021 version has ‘Clanok 50 ZEU’ in the ‘type of permit’ field. Having the 2021 version of the card will minimize potential delays and inconvenience when crossing a Schengen border control. You can also use it in another EU country to prove that you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement in Slovakia.

To get the 2021 version of the Povolenie na pobyt residence card, book an appointment online with your local Foreigners Police Office and take with you:

  • your valid passport
  • your residence card
  • a copy of the letter from the Foreigners Police, if you have it

If your Povolenie na pobyt residence card was issued in 2021, and you have not received a letter from the Foreigners Police, your card is already in the correct format. You do not need to take any action.

How to move to Slovakia.

To get an instant online quote in just 30 seconds for moving to Slovakia, just click on the link to start the quick quote process.

Once in the Quick quote process you must firstly enter the countries that you are moving from and too. This allows the Quick quote to establish the Collection and delivery locations.

Then you will need to select an icon that best describes the size of your removal to Slovakia. You can choose from House size, Truck size, or just enter the volume of your furniture and effects if you know it. For smaller moves you can just select the number of boxes you want to move……………The important thing here is to give the best indicator of the size of your removal, to establish roughly how much stuff you are taking.

You don’t have to be too accurate on move size.

When selecting the icon that best describes the size of you move. it is only to establish the most accurate representation of the size of your move. You don’t have to be too accurate. it is just a guide. But the Quick quote is worked out on it so the more accurate the better.

Then enter some basic address and contact details and if you want to, you can enter some additional information into the comments box. If you have a list items to move, or more details about your move then enter them here, the more info the better.

However this will not effect the Quick quote price given, but it will be handy information for the removal companies selected to further quote on your move to Slovakia. (see below)

You will need to select an approximate moving date for your move to Slovakia. Again this is just a guide. Please be aware that a removal date too far into the future will not be passed onto our removals agents to quote upon as any quote will be too far in the future to be accurate. Therefore only a Quick quote will be generated.

Now hit the submit button and 30 seconds later you will have a Quick quote emailed to you.

What is the Quick quote?

The Quick quote will give you a price range and volume range for your house removal to Slovakia. The price is a rough guide for your own budgeting. The price range is just the basic removal price range.

Further charges may apply for taxes, duties, wrapping, packing, access, storage and insurance.

Multiple quotes for moving to Slovakia in 2024.

Once you have received your Quick quote you will then start to receive up to 5 or 6 more accurate quotes from independent professional removal companies. These removal companies have been selected from the list of Advance moves agents.

They have been selected as the best matches from your own removal requirements that you entered into the Quick quote.

Advance moves selects the movers that are best suited to undertake your removal to Slovakia.

Not all removal companies are as competitive as others, when it come to Moving to Slovakia. Advance moves selects the movers most likely to offer the best levels of service and the most competitive prices for your move to Slovakia.

You can then compare quotes. Looking at levels of services and price.

Remember that not all quotes include the same services. The best price might only be because another quote includes more. Also make sure that the mover you choose, is available for the moving dates that you require before you book.

Advance moves makes moving to Slovakia a lot easier for you. You can save time and money when finding a suitable moving company for any international move with Advance moves.

Guide to Moving to Slovakia from the UK

Moving to Slovakia is an exciting journey! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process.

1. Check Visa Requirements

  • EU Citizens: As a UK citizen, you will need to apply for a visa or residence permit. Research the requirements based on your purpose (work, study, or family reunification).
  • Work Visa: If you have a job offer, your employer may assist you in obtaining a work visa.

2. Apply for a Visa or Residence Permit

  • Application Process: Gather necessary documents, including a valid passport, proof of employment or study, and financial means. Submit your application at the Slovak embassy or consulate in the UK.
  • Processing Time: Allow sufficient time for processing, as it can take several weeks.

3. Find Accommodation

  • Temporary Housing: Consider short-term rentals or hotels upon arrival.
  • Long-Term Housing: Use online platforms like Nehnutelnosti or to find permanent housing.

4. Health Insurance

  • Mandatory Health Insurance: Ensure you have health insurance coverage, which is required for residence permits. Consider both private and public options.

5. Open a Slovak Bank Account

  • Banking: Research local banks and prepare identification (passport, proof of residence) to open an account. This will facilitate transactions and salary deposits.

6. Job Search

  • Employment Opportunities: If not already employed, search for jobs on Slovak job portals like or LinkedIn. Tailor your CV to meet local standards.

7. Learn the Language

  • Language Skills: While many Slovaks speak English, learning Slovak can enhance your experience and integration. Consider taking language courses or using apps.

8. Transportation

  • Getting Around: Familiarize yourself with public transportation options. If you plan to drive, check the requirements for converting your UK driver’s license.

9. Cultural Integration

  • Engage Locally: Participate in community events and explore local culture. Joining clubs or expat groups can help you meet new people.

10. Stay Informed

  • Local News and Customs: Keep up with local news and familiarize yourself with Slovak customs and regulations to ease your transition.

Final Tips

  • Budgeting: Plan your budget carefully, especially for the first few months as you settle in.
  • Be Patient: Adjusting to a new country takes time; be open to new experiences and challenges.

Good luck with your move to Slovakia!

Passports and travel when moving to Slovakia from UK.

You can apply for or renew your British passport from Slovakia.

Check the Slovakia travel advice for passport validity requirements.

Always carry your passport and residence permit when travelling within the Schengen area. If you have citizenship of an EU or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) country in addition to British citizenship, you should enter and leave Slovakia using your EU or EFTA passport.

If you stay in Slovakia with a Slovak residence permit or long stay visa, this time does not count towards your 90-day visa-free limit for the Schengen area.

If you visit other Schengen area countries outside Slovakia, make sure you do not exceed the visa-free 90 days in any 180-day period. This applies even if you have a Slovak residence permit. You are responsible for counting how long you stay under the Schengen visa waiver, and you must comply with its conditions. 

Different rules apply if you are travelling to other EU and Schengen countries as a resident of Slovakia. Check each country’s travel advice page for information on entry requirements.

If you were living in Slovakia before 1 January 2021

When you travel, carry your residence document (Povolenie na pobyt) or frontier worker permit issued under the Withdrawal Agreement, in addition to your valid passport.

You must proactively show your residence document if you are asked to show your passport at border control. If you have applied for, but not yet received, your residence document, show your certificate of registration. If you cannot prove that you are a resident in Slovakia, you may be asked additional questions at the border to enter the EU.

Your passport may be stamped on entry and exit. This will not affect your rights in the country or countries where you live or work. If a passport is stamped, the stamp is considered null and void when you can show evidence of lawful residence. Read EU guidance for UK nationals on entering and leaving the Schengen area.

If you have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement, you can enter and exit Slovakia with a valid passport. You do not need any additional validity on the passport beyond the dates on which you are travelling.

Saving money on International removals.

You can save money when moving internationally by working on reducing the volume of your consignment. Most international removals are based on a price per cubic metre.

By reducing your volume you should be able to reduce your removal costs.

Firstly really analyze what you are taking. If its cheap, big and bulky maybe its not worth taking? After that then flat pack down any furniture that you can and dismantle items to make them as compact as possible. The smaller the better. Maybe tape bits together or box them to make things easier to move and stack.

When packing boxes use clothes and bedding as padding rather than bubble wrap to further reduce your volume.

Remember not to pack boxes too heavy, make sure you can still lift it yourself. max box weight should really be 15 to 20 Kgs or the removal men will struggle and crushing may occur in the box or within the load on the truck.

More info on Moving to Slovakia.

The UK government has an information page all about moving to Slovakia. Check it out for more details on all aspects of moving to Slovakia and then being able to live in Slovakia legally.

Moving to the UK from Slovakia.

If you are moving to the UK from Slovakia, then Advance moves can help you find a mover. Use the Quick quote to get an instant online quote for Moving to the UK from Slovakia, and then get up to 5 or 6 quotes from movers competing for your removal to the UK from Slovakia.

Save money on removals to the UK from Slovakia with help from advance moves.

Save time moving to the UK from Slovakiawith advance moves help.

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