Moving to New Zealand after Corona Virus

Moving to New Zealand after Corona Virus is a constantly changing situation. The details below are a summary of the restrictions in place due to the Corona Virus lockdown in New Zealand. Moving to New Zealand at the moment is pretty much impossible however this is a fluid situation and in time, travel restrictions will be lifted and anyone wishing to carry on with Moving to New Zealand after Corona Virus can continue to do so.

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Moving to New Zealand after Corona Virus

The team at Advance Moves International removals have an information page dedicated to the process of Moving to New Zealand After Brexit and the Corona Virus lock down. The page gives a mountain of information on what is required to move to New Zealand and useful links and guidence to help you through the Visa application process required for Moving to New Zealand.

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New Zealand’s restrictions in response to corona virus

The New Zealand border is currently closed to almost all arrivals.

Updates on the situation can be found on the UK government information page on moving to New Zealand.

New Zealand citizens and residents returning to New Zealand may travel to New Zealand and do not need any formal exemption.

Moving to New Zealand during Corona Virus

There are a small number of additional, limited exceptions to the ban on travelling to and entering New Zealand. The following people should seek approval from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) using the limited exceptions process:

  • Partners, dependent children (aged 24 years and under) and legal guardians of New Zealand citizens and residents, who are travelling together on the same flight to New Zealand with the New Zealand citizen or resident family member.
  • Australian citizens and permanent residents who normally live in New Zealand
  • Essential health workers
  • Other essential workers who are specifically agreed to by the New Zealand Government
  • Samoan and Tongan citizens making essential travel
  • New Zealand-based partners and dependent children (aged 19 years and under) of a work or student visa holder who is in New Zealand
  • Critical humanitarian travel

Full details on current border closures and exceptions and be found on the INZ website. The website includes information on how to submit a request for travel to New Zealand. A request for approval to travel to New Zealand can take up to two days to process.

On 9 April 2020, the Government announced that anyone entering the country will be required to undergo quarantine or managed isolation in an approved facility for a minimum of 14 days. Visit the New Zealand Ministry of Health website for more information.

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Transit via New Zealand during Corona Virus lock down

There is a general suspension on transit through New Zealand. However, on 9 April 2020, the UK and New Zealand governments agreed a reciprocal transit arrangement. This permits British citizens and residents to transit through New Zealand airports within a 24-hour window. Conditions apply.

There are limits to which countries passengers can transit through after leaving New Zealand in order to reach their final destination. These are countries with which the New Zealand government has received a written undertaking that transits are permitted. This includes the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Chile. The New Zealand government is working on establishing similar arrangements with other major transit hubs.

Given the current general suspension on transit through New Zealand, some travellers may find when checking in at point of departure that there is an initial ‘denial of boarding’. Should this happen, the check-in staff will be instructed to contact New Zealand Border Authorities. British nationals, so long as there is no other reason why boarding should be denied, will see this initial denial overridden and check-in should be able to be completed.

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Onward travel to the Cook Islands

On 16 March 2020, the Cook Islands introduced a requirement for any national wishing to enter the Cook Islands to self-isolate for 14 days in New Zealand prior to travel to the Cook Islands.

There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue.

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