How to pack a box for a removal video

Updated for 2023. see how to pack a box for a removal the right way and prevent damages whilst also saving on space and packing material costs.

Advance moves international removals have added a short video to their you tube channel all about How to pack a box for a removal.

The video gives a simple and brief guide on all aspects of box packing. from what box type to choose to filling and cutting down the box, and also details on packing fragile goods as well as marking the box correctly for the movers.

Check out the video here

How to pack a box for a removal

The same procedures can be applied on How to pack a box for a removal to International and overseas moves as well as local or national removals. The process is the same.

Bullet points on How to pack a box for a removal

  • choose a sturdy box with dual ply walls
  • choose the right size box, you don’t want to make it too heavy to handle
  • Tape the bottom securely, 4 strips of tape, 2 down the centre join and one on each edge
  • Always pack a box full, cut it down if it gets too heavy
  • Never over load a box, 15 to 25kgs max or it will be too heavy to handle safely
  • use plenty of base padding when packing delicates
  • stack delicates on end or on edge to prevent any crushing forces from above snapping them
  • pad out the box so there is no movement.
  • Pad the top of the box, above fragiles.
  • Seal and mark the box with your name, room to deliver to (kitchen, lounge etc….) and a brief description of contents.
  • Mark the box on all sides fragile (only if it is fragile) and if its very fragile mark it as ‘top box’ so the movers will place it at the top of the stack.

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