Help the workers work in Spain

It looks like a lockdown winter in Spain

With most of Europe now imposing different levels of ever increasing lockdown and travel restrictions, it looks like a lockdown winter is on the cards for just about all of us. The economic impact will be great and one has to ask what 2021 is going to look like after another period of lockdown.

Economic impact in Spain

The economic impact of another lockdown will cripple the already damaged Spanish economy even more, and whilst the government has tried to help financially with some of the population you will find in most cases you are on your own.

 There is very little help to the average worker, especially the self employed, but you still have to find the 300 odd Euros a month to pay your social security to be given the pleasure of actually being able to work , before you even think about getting out the door to earn enough money to live.

  Spain is about one of the only countries in Europe to operate such a high cost scheme and in these hard times the social security payments should have been cancelled at the very least to give the self employed in Spain a chance to earn a living whilst all of this is going on.

The bounce back

Hopefully a vaccine is on the horizon and if it can be administered in the early part of 2021 and the Spanish summer holiday season can then actually take place, then Spain should come bouncing back from economic hardship. But how many of those hotels, bars and restaurants will still be standing? Businesses and livelihoods ┬áruined. Its not just the tourism sector that’s affected, all businesses and workers are going to be hit hard.

Help the workers work

I think Spain needs to be doing a lot more to help its population through these hard times. Everyone is affected, everyone needs help. They need it now and they need it until all lockdown restrictions are cancelled. So much is at stake so Help the workers work in Spain!

Cancel personal tax and social security payments for all of 2020

How about a year free from Tax. Help the workers of Spain by letting them find what work there is without the heavy burden of taxation and social security payments. We have all written off 2020 so why doesn’t  the Government give us all a tax break and write off personal tax and social security payments for all of 2020. Help the workers work.


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